These pieces are commissioned works created for women as part of my Body/Image/Object (BIO) Project - an intensive, 2-month, one-on-one collaboration designed to help women embrace and embody radical self-love and acceptance through a mix of auto-biographical storytelling, sacred art making, energy work, shadow work, emotional allowance, and physical/mental/emotional joy practice.

The sculptures on this page are BIOgraphical “portraits” of some of the women I have worked with. Through the BIO process, I take my client’s stories (collected over the two months we work together) and make their physical, emotional, and spiritual lives visible in sculptural forms. I cast portions of their bodies in a ribbon or apple-peel way (so you see inside and outside) and create mixed media “portraits”  of their inner and outer lives. My art acts as a mirror for them, reflecting and weaving together all aspects of their experience - trauma, joy, stasis, “success” and “failure.” I create a safe and loving space for them to share the stories of their lives to help unveil the presence of love, accomplishment, and the perfection that already lies within them. The sculptures visually combine the shadow and the light of women’s lives, using the colors and textures of their memories, and incorporating the images and symbols that they have self-identified as embodying pivotal moments, struggles, and relationships in their lives.  The underlying shape of the sculpture is based on their physical bodies, but the overall imagery is made up of the shapes, colors, and textures of their emotional body - pieces of their soul’s journey through this life.

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