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We teach the lesson we most need to learn. We offer to others what we most need for ourselves.  I created Body/Image/Object (BIO) to give women a space to tell all their stories, feel all their feelings, and integrate all of it into their beings so they can love exactly who they are now - every single glorious part. I created it because I was tired of being at war with my body. I was tired of always feeling like too much or not enough. I was tired of being shut down, cut off, and feeling unworthy. I wanted to be at home in my body. I wanted to love the person I saw in the mirror every day in every way. I wanted to have that inner certainty and grace and knowledge I’d seen in a few women - not many - but a few, who walked through the world sure of their place in it - goddesses worthy of all the good that came, inevitably, to them.

If you are feeling trapped in your body/mind, if you are struggling with your sense of self worth, or are in a constant merry-go-round of unmet expectation around your self-image - I can help you.  Through my Body/Image/Object (BIO) program, I work with women to help them integrate their emotional and physical bodies to create more joy and wholeness in their lives. I help them embody and accept the entirety of their experience so they can meet the world with confidence and joy. I accomplish this through aspects of performance, art creation, and energy work. I am leading small group workshops to introduce women to my work - teaching emotional embodiment techniques, how to be a loving witness to yourself and others, and the fundamentals of body casting and 3D collage techniques for auto-biographical story-telling.  These workshops also allow like-minded women to meet each other and grow their networks. Please see the EVENTS page for upcoming workshops.

I also offer intensive, one-on-one,  BIO coaching and ritual art packages  which allow women to dive deep and explore multiple ways to fully experience and embody their current emotions and stories and then how to move through them into different emotional states in a joyous and accepting way.  All emotions and feelings are welcome as all of them are what make us human and shape the beautiful beings we already are. During our time together, I create personalized works of art based on each woman’s experience to help serve as a visual reminder of the glorious work of art they already are. Contact me to schedule an introductory phone call to see if BIO is right for you. 

I have also started offering Baby BIOs for pregnant women looking for a unique way to document and support their journey through pregnancy. Baby BIO provides an opportunity to talk about the physical, emotional, and mental changes and transformations that are happening to you daily throughout your pregnancy. It is a chance to articulate your hopes and fears for yourself and for your child. All aspects of your experience - happy, sad, painful, humorous - are open to exploration.  After our conversation, I will condense and transform your pregnancy story into a work of art that integrates your past, present, and dreams for the future. All artwork is infused with Reiki energy and your chosen intention for yourself and your child. Along with your finished artwork, you will also receive a copy of our conversations and a personalized meditation.

Body/Image Object (BIO) integrates my 25+ years of experience as a visual and performing artist and my work as a Reiki Practitioner. All of my training has taught me how to identify, create, shape, and shift energy to create a desired outcome. The manufacturing of possibility. The means to make the invisible visible, tangible, possible. I invite you to dream your dream with me and shift your perception, and therefore the trajectory, of your life.