Dream # 10

I had gone to see a show in a large, old theatre, draping red curtains - the works. There were no stairs thought.  People sat on blankets as if in the park.  I dozed off lying down waiting for the show to start. I woke up with my back against a large wooden post on a dock in New Orleans.  I could hear birds and ocean waves would occasionally come up and splash against me.

As I look around I see Stephanie approaching, seeming surprised to find me where I was, but not so surprised that I was in New Orleans.  She is carrying a sandwich she made for herself, but she offers me half. We talk for a little bit and I start to get up.  We walk towards the house she is staying at.  It's more of a rusted warehouse/factory with a chain-link fence on the outside. The inside, however, is fixed up very nicely.  Carpet, christmas lights run along door frames for added light.  Sliding doors that lead to the back, facing the ocean.  The kitchen was the nicest with a faucet that just barely landed in the sink.  A lot of splash would run down the island into a moat of sorts at the bottom that in turn led to a secondary drain.  

I explain to Stephanie that I have no idea how I got to New Orleans.  She doesn't have a n explanation either.  But, what she does know is that, while she's happy to see me and to have me visit, I can't stay with her as it might make her roommate uncomfortable and she promised the people she was house-sitting for, no overnight guests.  

Not knowing why or how I was there, I make my way into town and look for a possible job so I can save up to go home. Madison sends word to me that her parents said I "need to get back up here" ASAP. I don't know why she or her parents care. We aren't close. I'm now in a downtown shopping district. Tall old buildings sort of boxed in together on cobblestone.  Doug's parents show up.  We walk into one of the buildings only to be entering a mall. There aren't a lot of people.  The stores all look upscale. I, of course, choose to wander the terribly unorganized comic book store where they also sell second-hand music, movies, and old dog video games.

One of the stores was a full-immersion, surround-sound and picture entertainment booth. I checked it out. There was a family of dirt racing enthusiasts inside watching a back road race from the point-of-view of the inside of one of the cars. The family was very vocal regarding their opinion of each driver. I watched as, after a certain point on the track, each driver had to spin their car around while maintaining speed and drive backwards.

A large blue farming vehicle then came out from a field onto the road forcing all the racers to maneuver around it. The care we were viewing from began to spin as to go backwards. I stepped out only to find myself in a restaurant, a fancy one, with two friends. A girl is with her friend at a neighboring table and they are being loud and obnoxious.  My one friend approaches them to ask them to quiet down some.  They encourage him to "make them" so they leave to get a room.

I then wake up back in the theater. The show has started. It's almost like End Days except that it's a musical and Katie is playing a hyper-religious Jesus freak with a scrapbook of all his words. 

After the show, I go to step outside to find my other friend from the restaurant in his car telling me we needed to go get our first friend from his hotel. The hotel is a dive. The doorman tells me my friend is on the thirteenth floor.  I take the elevator. The doors strain and never fully close. I watch floors go 34. I'm between the fourth and fifth floor when the cables begin to whine.  The elevator doesn't drop me but it's basically slipping down to the basement where the gym is.  My other friend ended up there too.  We race up the stairs to thirteen where there's a pool with jungle plants and such around it.  Vines everywhere. We find our first friend, bummed that he tricked himself into paying for sex.  Again. Then Katie appears still in costume form her show. She is explaining her character choices to an old couple, whom I'm guessing saw the show.  I tell her how great she was and leave. 

Now I'm sitting on the roof of Stephanie's aluminum warehouse.  She sits with me and we watch the sunset over the tree-line past the water.  I still don't know why New Orleans. I don't know why her. She rests her back against my chest. I lean over her shoulder and whisper in her ear "I think I'm okay with this."