Dream # 6

I was at home and I was getting threatening voice messages. "Get Out" "You don't belong here" " We're gonna get you" very horror movie. Finally it dawned on me. OH these people have the wrong phone number. They can't be talking about me. I didn't do anything wrong. 

It was specific about the apartment too, I remember that. They were angry that I was living there. 

Later that night I had to run an errand. I thought to myself. I'm gonna call these angry people back when I get home and explain to them they've made a mistake... right after I got get some milk or bread or whatever it was I had to leave for. 

I went to the store, came back and there was a 20 something year old in front of me with a winter cap on as I was trying to get inside my apartment. He was kind of in my way and I remember thinking. He's a little close for my liking. And then he kind of dipped toward me and my hand went up in my own defense. Then I started to laugh at myself. This poor kid must think I'm a nut job. "Sorry." I said. "I'm just a little nervous tonight"

I remember he was looking around me, not at me. Wouldnt' make eye contact... until he did. Looked right at me. I looked down and saw he was holding a short knife of some kind and he said..."I'm sorry" before he stabbed me in the side. Then I realized everyone around me was closing in. They must have been following me or something. 

It didn't hurt. I wasn't scared. I was in complete peace. My brain just switched off or something. I wasn't even angry that I got stabbed. I felt like I immediately needed to forgive him. I remember thinking. This must be the peace they talk about when you drown to death OR perhaps when people are getting raped they can switch their brains off like this. I found it oddly fascinating.