Dream #23

This was a dream I had several times when I was younger. I'm looking across a vast distance, not really sure where I am, but I am looking out over miles of hills and mountains.  They are in shades of dark reds - bright and dried-blood reds, sienna-y reds, purple-y reds, brownish-reds.  Sooty or volcanic ash blacks in the shadows.  On the peak of one of these hill-mountains to my left is a tree with no leaves just intricately twisted bare branches and it appears to be almost like driftwood in that dried out, salt stained way even though it is far from water and rooted in the ground. 

Now, each time I had the dream there was something different on one or more of the branches.  The three I remember the most are:

1) In the middle of the lowest branch on the right side of the tree was a set of bone and metal wind-chimes that made sound even when there was no breeze.

2) One time, there were bottles hanging from the bare branches.  All different shapes and sizes.  I'm not sure if there was anything in them.

3) One time the branches had rags tied to them.  I think they were different colors at one time but all of them had that bleached and faded-from-the-sun look so I couldn't be sure.  The distance didn't help with details.

No matter what, I always knew I had to make it to the tree and that eventually I would stand underneath it and understand.  Understand what?  I don't know.  But I knew there was something I would have to do when I got there.