Dream #14

It was nighttime and the stars were out. I came upon the ocean - I was on the top of a hill or the edge of a ridge or some such, so I was looking out over a bit of land, with the ocean beyond. And right at the edge of the beach was this glorious garden and I knew that someone had made it just for me. It was like the old British gardens, or like that greek border pattern - a bit mazelike, different sections following paths. And as I looked on, starting from the left to the right, it started to bloom before my eyes, like dominoes. And each different intertwining line was a different flower, a different line of dominoes to fall, so that it was like this beautiful choreographed dance of all these different paths of flowers. And each different kind of flower was a different color - the most saturated colors I've ever seen: fuchsia, deep purple, royal blue, yellow, fire orange. And the garden was in sections, as though one had four or five different areas of a garden cordoned off but right next to one another. And as each section finished blooming, the body of a seahorse would appear on top, much larger than reality, and dead. But it wasn't at all morbid. It was remarkably beautiful, in fact, and filled me with a great deal of peace. And after it was all done, I just remember feeling so absolutely loved - more than I've ever felt in life. Love without doubt or anxiety - just the complete knowledge of being fully loved. Because someone had choreographed this whole thing just for me.