Dream # 28

I was in my car driving to the I-Hop in Baytown.  I needed change for a dollar to use the phone so I stopped at Mary R.’s youth camp on the way.  She gave me the change I needed and I used the phone, but I don’t know who I called.  I ended up staying at Mary’s for a while.  When I left, I wrote her a note thanking her for her hospitality.  

Then I was driving to someone’s apartment in College Station, but the street was covered with homeless people and I could barely drive my car.  They would step in front of it and block me.  

Then I was on a forest trail with Mom, Lizzie, Richard, Jason, and Kristen.  The trail was very muddy, but had patches of beautiful, exotic flowers (maybe even prehistoric flowers because I had never seen them before).  They were large with colorful, fleshy petals – a large patch would have only 2 or 3 of the unusually sized flowers.  Anyway, we were walking and sometimes running along the trail.  We were not sure where we were going - except Richard.  He was several yards ahead of everyone and he was calm, enjoying the nature.  He was walking at a very steady pace, and seemed to know exactly what he was doing and where he was going.  He had his hands in his pockets and he was whistling.  To me this showed his calmness.  Then I ran way ahead of the group when we approached a certain spot.  There was a small clearing in the forest that I was familiar with where at certain times a fairy woman, who was life size, would appear to give me guidance, direction, advice.  I ran ahead to this spot and the fairy appeared.  She was the actress Joan Plowright.  I approached her and just hugged her.  She was like my grandmother.

Then I was in a neighborhood in Baytown with Corey.  It was night and we were just running around outside for some reason.  I had to use the restroom so I went to one of the houses that were empty.  The family was on vacation and Sacramento was there cleaning the house.  He let me use the bathroom.  Afterwards, I walked through their home, which was very untidy, and I began to know everything that had occurred in the house.  The husband and wife had a little boy about 8 years old.  He was a very bad little boy, but he only wanted his parents’ attention.  He actually had a good heart.  But, the little boy had recently died and his parents had grown sick and bitter with grief.  The house was littered with the boy’s toys and clothes.  The parents did not speak to each other.  They once were in love, but now they could not find their love.  Then I walked into the boys’ bedroom.  Above the little boy’s bed was his ghost.  The ghost was floating perpendicular to the bed, holding a teddy bear and wearing pajamas.  The boy’s ghost was rocking back and forth, sleeping.  I was very afraid.  I know the ghost was a good spirit, but I also knew that it did not want to be disturbed.  The boy’s parents were somewhat abusive to him when he was alive and now he was finally getting some rest.  I heard the parents come in.  I had to hide somewhere.  I ran to their bedroom, which was very tidy and nearly unfurnished, almost barren.  I hid on the other side of the bed away from the door.  The mom came to the door and immediately saw me.  She was very upset and angry that I had intruded.  She became hysterical, crying, and throwing oranges at me.  I sat her on the bed to calm her down and console her, because I know she was more sad than angry at me.  Then the family dog walked in slowly and lay down at our feet.  He looked just like Lucky. We pet him, and a few moments later he had died.  His eyes were bleeding tomato sauce.  The mother and I were crying on the bed together, hugging.  

Then I was at Jena’s house.  This was a big empty house and a little boy had died here, too.  But it wasn’t Eric.  In fact, Jena wasn’t really Jena.  She was almost like another fairy in Jena’s body.  She wore a blue skirt with a jacket and a big, fancy hat and gloves.  She was packing to go to the hospital for some reason.  She told me I could stay at her house, but I was too scared to stay in that house alone.  So I went with her to the hospital.  When we arrived in her room, we both changed into hospital gowns.  Jena said she had something beautiful and exciting that she wanted to show me.  She could make herself float to the top of the ceiling that was one floor above hers.  She jumped in the air and began floating through our ceiling and when she reached the next ceiling, she floated back down.  When she came back down, she took my hand and helped me do it.  We jumped and floated through the ceiling – which was very cool – and floated through the above room and touched that ceiling.  Then she wanted to teach me how to be able to stay on the ceiling.  We were supposed to jump, float to the top, and then hold our breath until we were stable on the ceiling.  Then we cold crawl around like there was no gravity.  It took a lot of practice for me, but I was getting the hang of it.