Dream #29

I had this really cool dream – but actually it ended very scary.  I dreamed that in my bathroom under the sink and behind the back wall was a dollhouse.  It had been left there 30 years ago by some children and now it was hidden inside my walls.  Somehow it was built in during the construction of my apartment.  When I discovered it, I was searching for something under the sink in the cabinet.  I was pushing everything aside and I found this door in the very back.  I opened the door and I could see into this tiny house with chairs and dolls – I was looking in the living room.  It was almost creepy because it was like the dolls were really living there, alive, and suddenly they froze when I opened the door.  I closed the door and left the bathroom.  

Then, later in the dream, for some reason, I was in trouble.  I needed a place to hide.  I ran to the bathroom straight to under the sink and threw all my junk aside.  I swung open the dollhouse door.  I squeezed through as far as I could, but I could only get my head through the door.  I was afraid of the dolls again.  I feared they may bite at my head if I were to get stuck.  But I was so fascinated by the dollhouse, that I didn’t fear entering.

Later in the dream, I was on a bus going home.  Sara and some others (black and hispanic women) were with me.  I was trying hard to tell them about my dollhouse, but they were not listening very well.  Sara listened how she always does – interrupting when she had something to say.  The bus was on North Main Street.  A drunk black woman on the bus was hanging out the door singing.  We were afraid she would fall out and then she did and was killed.  We stopped the bus to talk to a police officer.  He asked questions as if we were all at fault. He taunted everyone.  I was angered and fussed at him.

“You don’t know what happened because you weren’t there.  We are telling the honest truth!”

Then I realized I shouldn’t have spoken to him that was and I apologized quickly.  We were back riding on the bus.  The driver had many stops but mine was closest.  She told me I owed $10.  I didn’t have any money and they only took cash.  I asked her to drop me in front of Kroger’s to get ATM cash.  She wouldn’t, but finally she agreed.  I found the ATM machine and it was like this big virtual reality game.  When I put in my card, this skeleton monster appeared.  He put all my options on the screen and they were all very technical terms and there were like 30 of them! I was trying desperately to read them all, but I know the bus was waiting.  All these little monsters were trying to escape from the machine and kidnap me.  

Finally I woke up and realized I was in my bed, not on the bus!