Dream #31

I dreamed this very weird and scary dream.  I haven’t had a bad dream in such a long time, so this was kind of weird.  The dream was so bad that my entire body was numb while I dreamed it.

First I dreamed that these two ugly people who were supposed to be the ugliest people in the whole world were running this parking garage.  Also, this was taking place during the 16th century.  These people did not have braces, but these weird metal plates on their teeth to prevent cannibalism.  See, they were cannibals also.  The whole atmosphere of the dream was very dark, spooky and reeked.  Weird bells were playing strange music in the background.  Soon, many people were parking their cars and leaving the garage.  What they didn’t know was that the two cannibals were plotting to eat half of them after torturous events!  All of the people were told to run out of the garage, using all of their energy.  They all tired very easily.  I became one of the girls running.  When we all came to the end of the dark garage, we were so tired of running, but outside of the garage, we found a small dirty stream.  We were so thirsty that we drank the water, despite appearances.  While I was drinking, one of the guards on a horse looked at me and decided quietly that I would be chosen to be taken off to be eaten.  After I drank, I was told to walk back to my car.  I was tired, however, so I crawled.  When I was crawling I noticed a pattern of little devils drawn in the concrete.  I was so intent on the devils, that I became hypnotized.  As soon as this happened, the guard on the horse came up behind me and hit me hard behind the head, knocking me out.  Then I woke up and he hit me twice more.  What was funny was that I was conscious, but unable to move or speak.  Then I think he gave me some injections, smothered me with slime and then looked in my eyes to see that they were bloody.  Then he put a big piece of tape over my mouth.  Then I woke up.