Dream #32

First I was with Jennifer and Lynda and some other girls from Jr. High that always made me feel inferior.  We were with a group of people in some type of a valley or pit – this somehow resembled the baseball park by the house on Adams Street.  We were all doing some kind of work – I’m not sure what.  Then some Eskimos brought a giant whale that they had caught.  The whale had already been killed and they brought us the head and large sections of blubber.  The smell was quite disgusting.  Then we had the idea to look inside the whale’s stomach for anything interesting.  Jennifer and Lynda found some pretty polished marbles and they were bragging on them to everyone.  When I went to look I found some marbles that were polished, but much smaller than the average size marble.  Mine were petite and delicate - about the size of a small pearl.  I found my marbles far more beautiful than Jennifer and Lynda’s marbles.  But no one else would give my marbles and chance.  Then I went into a house nearby and Oprah Winfrey was living there.  She served me coffee and cookies.