Dream #33

Last night I had a really sad dream about Nana.  I dreamed we were sitting on a swing together in Mom’s backyard.  Her body was there, but she was still supposed to be dead.  It was more like I was with her spirit.  I was very emotional, crying the entire time.  I was telling her about all the dreams I ever had about her.  I told her about the dream where I walk through their New York Street house looking desperately for a sign of them, but cannot find anything except dust and old chips.  As I told her this, I was still crying, hurting.  Then I told her about the good dreams I’ve had.  I told her about the dream when I meet her at a coffee house and visit with her while drinking coffee.  I cried while telling her this.  The really strange part of my dream was that she didn’t seem to care about anything I was telling her.  She never responded.  As a matter of fact, I never remember even seeing her face.  All I ever saw were her shoes.