Guardian Series

Guardian - A defender, protector or keeper. 

Underlying influences for the series: 
In the face of life changing (and life threatening) events I've been thinking a lot about love, loss and transformation. There has been a huge amount of fear and loss but an equal amount of love and support in the struggle. So many of us are trying to to find the courage to allow our old selves to dissolve and reassemble in a new form. There is fear of loss - of self, of loved ones, of a way of life.  There is a desire to protect those we love from harm and the fear and frustration when we can not do so. The realization that control is illusory. 

I find myself thinking a lot about butterflies in their chrysalis stage and first flights as an adult. So many massive changes occurring in a confined and hidden space, their emergence as a completely different being, the need for rest before flight - watching others fly as they struggle to understand their new form. So many layers of to a life. So many changes. So many ways the story may go. So many wishes/hopes/prayers for a desired outcome. A desire for someone who watches, who waits, who cares - who can intervene. We can find this in the ones we love, the ways we give and receive support, in allowing ourselves to fall apart and rearrange the pieces. The "Guardians" are our defenders, protectors, and keepers in these times of struggle and transformation.