Here there and Everywhere - Part 2

Happy Tuesday!  It's gray outside but it's still reasonably warm so I am happy :) Spring is coming.

Last time I left off after my beach adventures so today I thought I'd do a 180 and focus on man made beauty - namely the amazing street art I saw in LA.  The concrete jungle is covered in amazing murals and graffiti! It seemed like there were paintings on buildings everywhere I looked and I loved it! The only downside was that most of what I saw whizzed past so fast (out the window of the car) that I couldn't get my camera up in time to capture the images. However, I did manage to snag a few and I thought I'd share them with you.  Here are a few pics I managed to take out of the car window (one of the few times I was grateful for the crazy slow traffic). I wish I could tell you where in LA to find these but I have no idea where I was when I took them other than from a car window somewhere in the urban sprawl...

My best mural day was when my aunt and I went to Downtown LA for two events.  One was to check out the West coast version of Artists and Fleas. The street we parked on was lined in murals.  One of them totally looked like it could be the skeleton of one of the Mystics from The Dark Crystal.  

This one was just delightful silliness.  Squirrel butt!

Of course there was also some random blah's:

Later that day we went on our second Downtown adventure - the LA arts district. Pretty much every building - from restaurants to parking structures - had it's own mural. Here are some of my favorites:

Fun and colorful and inspiring.  Makes me want to paint so that's exactly what I'm going to do! Take care, have fun and more will be coming soon :)