Hello Everyone!  I'm happy to announce I was selected to create another piano  for SING FOR HOPE PIANOS 2015!! Sing for Hope is an amazing nonprofit who's mission is to make art accessible to all. Sing for Hope rescues pianos that would otherwise be trashed, tunes and rehabilitates them, and then invites artists/partner groups/sponsors to paint or otherwise decorate them.  These gorgeous pianos are then placed in different locations around the 5 boroughs of NYC for two weeks in June for the public to view, play and generally enjoy.  The pianos that are still in good enough shape after their time on the streets are then donated to schools, hospitals and other organizations that would not otherwise be able to afford an instrument. All artists (yes, that includes me) work on a volunteer basis - it's a true labor of love. 

I'm super excited about the new piano. I'm working on a baby grand this year and I've already got her sanded and ready to go. Sing for Hope generously provides the piano, a wonderful workspace and basic paints and varnishes. However, any additional materials the artists wish to use must be provided by the artist.  As you may know from last time, paint is never enough for me (see my earlier blog posts here in Inkblots and Chickenscratch or check out my SFH Piano 2013 portfolio).  This year's piano is going to feature mirrors, glass and subtle sculptural forms made from paper-mache and other materials.  This is where you guys come in.  I need help raising money for the materials I need to realize my vision for this year's piano.  So, if you enjoyed my previous pianos, or other artistic endeavors, and would like to take an active role in supporting a new one, please consider donating. Every dollar makes a difference and will go to purchasing materials for the piano.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more and donate.  THANK YOU!!!