Piano Countdown & New Links!

AAAGGGHHH!!!! I'm so excited! The pianos hit the streets in 2 DAYS!!! I can't wait :)

To add to the excitement, Sing for Hope just launched it's interactive Pianos website.  Which includes an interactive map showing where all the pianos are and who made them, offers directions through google maps and has links to each artist's info.  A link to my artist page is HERE.  You should totally go check it out.  I actually managed to write something coherent (which is impressive as it was 2 am after a bus ride back from VA on the day before it was due because yes, I have a slight procrastination problem when it comes to writing about my work). 

I also wanted to take this moment to request something of YOU my much loved supporters.  If you happen to go see my piano, please, please, please, take a pic of yourself with it and send it to me or post to Twitter or Instagram or whatever social media you use and @dreamscapesink me :) Sing for Hope would also love it if you tagged the images with #sfhpianos and/or #artforall.  I'm going to build a SFH Piano 2015 gallery in the Portfolios section of my website to house all the pics from the pianos' time on the streets so the more the merrier.  THANK YOU!!!!

Take care, enjoy your day and I look forward to seeing you on the streets!

Picture courtesy of Sing for Hope Piano Artist Zi Zi in the final days in the piano studio! I was frantically working on outlining.