Recycling Dream #2 - Days 2 & 3

Hi again! Today we're back to the making of Dream #2.  Day two was a paper-mache day. I covered the whole piece in three layers of strip paper-mache - alternating white and brown kraft paper.  I used a traditional boiled water and flour paste with a few drops of clove oil (to help prevent mold) and mixed the paste with Elmers glue for added strength.  Once I covered the whole thing I left it to dry overnight. Now, 'cause my hands were all gluey - and because I get really one-track-minded when I'm pasting - I didn't take any pics of that part of the process.  Sorry!  Best I can give you is the pic below from the Day 3 when I started gessoing:

This is when I remembered I'd forgotten to take pics the day before and quickly snapped one to show how the paper mache layer looks. 

So, as you can probably guess, I then spent a bit of time gesso-ing the whole piece.  That was pretty much it for day three 'cause that gesso had to dry thoroughly.  Tomorrow - paint!