Hello again & Beginning Dream #19

Hello dreamers! I know, I know, I went MIA while I was in California and then Florida.  I'm just now settling back in to NYC (what's with the constant snow?!?! Why isn't it spring yet?).  If you are interested in the trips, check out the entries in Inkblots & Chickenscratch over the next few days.

Before I left I'd actually started on a new dream - Dream #19.  This was one of my dreams (I think I'm starting a pattern here of making one of mine and then one of yours). I had a small piece of superfine cotton and fabric paints that have been hanging around for a few years and I decided to make use of them.  I found an embroidery hoop, centered and stretched the fabric and started painting.  This is what I ended up with:

I've heat set the paint and am thinking about what's next.  I think I want to add beads - create a night sky edging from dark brown to inky black with opalescent stars and/or a halo of light. Maybe this will end up as a pillow or maybe I'll  hang like a tapestry.  Let me think on it.  I'll update when I make up my mind.  

Next post -  either re-doing the dress on the lady in Recycled Dream #2  or conceptual drawings for a one or more of the other dreams...check back in to find out :)