Hello my loves! It's that time again - Sing for Hope Pianos!

This is the 7th year I will be participating in the Sing for Hope Pianos Project (don't know what that is? Check it out here:

This will be my 8th piano and it is dedicated to all my fellow piano artists - those amazing, loving, creative powerhouses I have had the privilege and pleasure to create with and witness in joy and in struggle over the years. They are my friends, my inspiration, and many have become part of the family of my heart. This piano is dedicated to them and the gifts they give and receive through their hands - creativity, connection, LOVE.

I am in the process of collecting their stories about how they view their hands as a vehicle for expression and connection and how that relates to their work on/with the Sing for Hope pianos. These words will be printed or handwritten and paper-mached to the piano. I am also having each piano artist who participates create sculptural impressions of their hands in clear acrylic gel medium. These textural handprints will be layered on top of their words and then painted in transparent layers to form larger bold and subtle handprint shapes. As I said in my proposal:

"Hands are what we use to create these pianos, hands play them, hands touch them, hands are used to comfort and connect. I want to create a "portrait" of how all our lives have been connected by & through Sing for Hope, the artwork we have created together, the ways we have all touched each other and the lives of millions of New Yorkers."

Now, I need YOUR HELP to make this happen.

Sing for Hope generously supplies the pianos, the space, primer, paint and varnish. However, if we artists want to use any other materials we must provide it ourselves. If you know me, you know I use all the materials - paint is like that last thing I use LOL ;) I just started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to cover additional materials costs (Gel medium, glue, printer ink, etc.). To read more about the project and help make it a reality, please visit the GoFundMe Page here:

I'll be posting updates - pics, videos, etc. - as the piano and this campaign progresses. I've even started a new Instagram page for this project -

- as I see it living beyond the the pianos. For everyones hands - or whatever body part, prosthetic, etc. they use to "touch" the world - are capable of being a conduit for love. I'm interested in collecting the stories of how people are giving and receiving love through their hands - literally and figuratively.

I hope you'll join me in making this vision possible. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to support and share my art. My work and I would not be possible without you. <3

Big Love,