Photo by Jenn Reid

Photo by Jenn Reid

DreamscapesInk (aka Jessica Browne-White aka Jessi) is a:

Waking Dreamer. Energy Artist. Humanist Mystic. Inner-Peace-Negotiator. Radical Revolutionary Love Prophet.

With 20+ years of experience in the visual and performing arts, Jessi has trained in numerous forms of dance, theater, and visual art techniques; all of which, though seemingly disparate, are rooted in the recognition, modulation, and transformation of human energy. She believe that we, individually and collectively, have the capacity to direct that energy as we choose. We can use the practical, concrete practices taught in the arts (such as body awareness; how to manipulate color, light and space to create specific emotional states; and how to break down a story to explore intent, desire, and meaning) and apply these practices to the creation and appreciation of our own lives. This is part of what DremascapesInk shares in her work which combines visual, physical, and energetic art-creation/world-creation.

DreamscapesInk has always been a big day-dreamer, or waking dreamer, and has noticed how effectively we make our dreams/desires (and nightmares/fears) a reality over time. DreamscapesInk believes if we can see the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves and our loved ones more clearly - and see/feel the landscape of emotion that is always shifting beneath our skin - we can understand and have more compassion for each other. So, through her work, she explores the physical, emotional, and spiritual landscapes within herself and others. She explores the elements that make up our individual and collective dreams and how we manifest them in our lives. Her work is laced with signs and symbols and blends the fantastical with the everyday. DreamscapesInk uses a variety of methods and materials to trace the energetic connections between our dreams and nightmares, and give form, texture and color to how we create them in the waking world.


For those who like to know about schools and credentials, Jessi has a BA in Theater Performance from James Madison University and was an Acting Apprentice at Actors Theatre of Louisville (KY) and Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (Brisbane, Australia). She has also trained with the SITI Company, the British American Drama Academy, Tina Mitchell (Suzuki, Viewpoints and Laban Instructor), Deborah Black (Viewpoints). Jessi is a former member of AEA and SAG and has performed in numerous productions in the United States and abroad.

Jessi has trained in various forms of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary, and West African dance at schools including James Madison University (VA), Joy of Motion Dance Center (DC), Dance New Amsterdam (NYC), and Peridance (NYC).

Jessi has been creating visual art of one kind or another since she was a child and have a mix of formal study and extensive personal exploration and experimentation. Her visual arts & crafts background ranges from drawing and painting to mixed-media sculpture, collage, mask-making, beading, and mosaic. She has studied at institutions such as the Alexandria Art League and the Art Student's Leagues of New York. DreamscapesInk’s work has been displayed in venues including MANA Contemporary (NJ), the Art Student's League of New York, and the streets of NYC (Herald Square, Lincoln Center, Central Park, DUMBO and more as a Sing for Hope Piano Artist).

Last but not least, Jessi is a Shamanic Practitioner and a certified and insured Reiki Master in the Usui/Holy Fire Tradition.