Dream #25

I guess this is more of a nightmare than a dream.  All I remember is that I was in a room with my mom and someone else  - very normal and nonthreatening. Then one of them asked me a question - I can't remember what about.  I started to respond but when I tried to talk I could feel my teeth coming loose, my mouth full of blood, and all I could do was dribble/spit out teeth.  I could feel them crunching and tumbling around in my mouth.  Every time I tried to say something or cry out more teeth would come loose.  Strangely it didn't really hurt but it was terrifying and I couldn't stop it.  I kept trying to push them back in  place with my tongue but it never worked.  I ended up with one tooth left in my mouth and my hands full of all the other bloody teeth.  Then I woke up.