Dream #24

I had an insane dream involving a childhood friend, M., and her mother T. last night. For those of you that know T. or grew up going over to the their house--T. is an amazing cook and baker; there was always something cooking/baking, and it often involved chocolate deliciousness.

So, last night I dreamt I was going over to their house to meet M. after school (although we were adults) and her mom had left a cake out for us. M. was like,... "Oh, this cake is definitely not Vegan," and I tuned out because I assumed that it involved eggs/dairy but that I would try it, so that I'd be a polite guest (also because T. is the bomb baker).

In order to eat the cake "properly," we had to pour balsamic vinegar and some kind of red wine over the cake and then cut it into these little pieces. We both do that, and I'm like "oh, are there almonds in this? I think I taste almond." And M. is like, "no, the primary ingredients are MEAT and NICOTINE." IT WAS A MEAT AND CIGARETTE cake. (I mean kudos to her mom, it looked beautiful). Anyway. I guess it's pretty clear where my temptations are these days...