Dream # 27

Last night I dreamed I was walking through a large house locking all the doors (which all had 5 or 6 locks each) before I could go to bed.  I walked into one room that was a little bit scary to me.  There was a man sitting at a workbench painting.  It was Einstein.  I walked over to him to find him struggling with his work.  He was using a large paint brush to do small, delicate work.  When he picked up his brush to get more paint, he would drag the brush with lots of force through the orangey paint.  I walked over to him and told him his painting was very nice.  

He stopped and looked at me with appreciative eyes and asked, “Very nice?”

“Yes,” I told him.  

Then I picked up a small and delicate brush, dipped it in the paint and handed it to him.  He took the small brush and painted much better with it.  

Then I was in a big house with lots of boys.  We wanted the boys to taste bluebonnets but none of them would.

Then Phoebe (childhood dog) woke up and started crying.  I walked into Paw-Paw’s room and rocked her to sleep.  Paw-Paw asked if he could lay with her.  When Phoebe was asleep I laid her beside Paw-Paw.  He was very happy.  There was someone else in the room with him- Shawna, I think.  They were not really together, though.

I went back to the boys and finally two boys agreed to have a bluebonnet milkshake.  The shakes were delicious, but mom told us she put Alpo dog food in them.  I thought they were still wonderful. (Richard was one of the boys with us and he was wearing a police officer’s uniform.)

Then I went to the paint store.  I picked out a stencil kit of a teddy bear chef with purple paint for our walls.  The kit came with colored carpet rugs.  I picked peach for our rugs.  The whole set was only $9.99!

When the kit came in the delivery truck, I was so excited.  Jena did not look excited.  Instead of all peach carpet, we got peach, blue, white, purple and several other colors. I thought this was good, though, because we could put them all over the apartment- I knew we could work it out. Jena was pretty hopeless about it.  

Then I found out that Phoebe and Paw-Paw died in bed together.  I had to be the one to bury them.  I began digging through the pages of a large open boo, with my shovel and then I was digging chunks off a dark, cloudy sky. 

 I heard Mimi ask me if I would have a Coke with her.  I said, “Sure, after I finish this.”

Then there were tornadoes everywhere.  We were near the ocean shore and there were many cruise ships.  Everyone began jumping ship.  I was on a ship with my baby.  I jumped off holding my baby trying to keep her head above water.  Cory was swimming ahead of us, not helping to save us.