Recycling Dream#2 - Day 5

So yesterday I ended with a hot mess and now it's time to fix it.  How you say?  With more paint...lots more paint...layers and layers of paint.  Time to bust out the yogurt cups I keep stashing - they are awesome vessels for mixing paint in - I'm particularly fond of the Fage and Chobani individual cups. Time for a bunch of yellows, ochres, siennas and browns, and the acrylic glazing liquid. Oh yeah, and paper towels, a lot of paper towels ( I will recycle them into something else I promise). I did a base layer over the whole piece which I tragically forgot to photograph (sorry).  Then I started on glazes.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a mini gallery of pics taken after a few of the new layers of paint. I didn't always remember to take pics. It's difficult to remember to stop and document when you are on a roll!  I think I should maybe figure out time-lapse video...

So I originally thought I'd want to capture the slightly washed out and muted feeling of the stone from my reference images but there was something about the vibrancy of the mustardy ochers and dirty browns and siennas that I really liked so I decided to leave it as is.  I used some blues and purples to emphasize some of the shadows and called it a day.  

Next up - getting the woman in the 40's style dress into the picture!